The West Virginia Home Educators Association was founded in 1986 to assist homeschooling families. WVHEA is open to everyone, regardless of religion, personal beliefs, or educational philosophy. It is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers – homeschooling parents who fit their work for WVHEA around the needs of their families. We’re always eager to have more help – e-mail volunteer at wvhea.org to learn how you can get involved.
WVHEA provides many services to its members and others interested in homeschooling:
  • Toll-free information line
  • County contacts — WVHEA has a network of experienced homeschoolers across the state willing to answer questions and help you get started
  • WVHEA newsletter
  • Standardized testing service
  • Homeschool Day at the Capitol
Volunteer Opportunities
-Newsletter Contributions
-Homeschool Day at the Capitol
-Become a Tester
-Provide Local Homeschool Support

Contact: volunteer@wvhea.org 


           Please send items for the newsletter to news at wvhea.org

West Virginia Home Educators Association

P. O. Box 4241

Clarksburg, WV. 26302