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September Newsletter

West Virginia Home Educators

Association Newsletter

Friendly Reminder: Any child who turned 6 by July 1st of this year needs to have a notice of intent submitted for the 2023-24 school year. If this is the parents first time submitting a notice of intent you will need a copy of your high school diploma or GED submitted with the NOI. We recommend sending everything to the Board of Education via certified mail return receipt requested. Keep a copy of everything in your personal files.

It is not too early to find a portfolio reviewer for the end of year assessment. Look on Unsocialized Homeschoolers of WV FB group for a list of approved reviewers that are endorsed by WVHEA. If you plan to test for your assessment make sure you join or and test through one of these groups.

Sights and Sounds

in the Mountain State

September 7th 7-8:30 pm Blackwater Falls

History Alive: Colonel Ruby Bradley an interactive history presentation; free and appropriate for the whole family

Saturday September 16th 7pm

Homeschooling Homecoming Decades Dance

Social Event Space 2833 Main St Hurricane WV

Ticket price $25. Fundraiser for Ignite Athletics

September 17th Kids Fishing Derby at North Bend State Park Free event for kids 14 and under

September 23rd Twins Falls State Park Fall festival

Hayrides, chainsaw competition, live music, food vendors

Save the Date

Friday October 13th 6-10pm Halloween Dance

$10 per person/ Charleston Mountain Mission Church

Ages 13 and up / adult must stay with kids under 13

Saturday October 14th 6:30-9:30 pm

2nd Annual Ready Set Glow 5k Run/ Walk

Park Rd , Eleanor Park & Putnam County Fairgrounds Eleanor WV

February 2nd 2024 Homeschool Day at the Capitol

February 3rd 2024 Homeschool Expo Charleston WV

March 2024 Homeschool Career Day

Rome Church of Christ

86 Township Rd Proctorville OH

Contact Erin Plymale Thompson for more info 304-521-5701 or if you would like to participate.

Are you in the Wyoming / McDowell County area? There is a new co op starting!

Contact Michelle Blake at 304-389-5917 to learn more . The first meeting is Sept 12th at Living Hope Baptist Church 1049 Riverside Dr Welch WV 24801

Thoughts to Consider

Whether you are a first year homeschooler or a veteran with years of experience, the start of a new school year can bring out some fears in us ( and our kids). Am I doing the right thing ? Will my kids be socialized enough ? Will they get into college ? Will my friends/ family/ neighbors/ church ever understand and accept my decision to homeschool?

While experience can give you some confidence, these fears don’t ever go away totally. One thing that helps with these fears is to stay focused on the WHY. Why did you pull your kids out of public/ private school? Why did you not like the socialization aspect of the school system? Why did you not want them to learn a certain doctrine/ dogma? Why did you not want them sitting at a desk for 8 hrs a day when they could be doing hands on learning or just exploring out in the woods? You made a choice for a certain reason and it helps to keep those reasons in front of you as you navigate roadblocks in your homeschooling journey.

To this end I recommend creating a family mission statement and goals that align with this mission statement. Is it important that your kids are outside ? Incorporate that into your mission statement and set goals of visiting a state park twice a month and playing outside at least 30 minutes a day ( or whatever you deem realistic).

If learning Scripture is important set a specific goal of learning certain scriptures this year and incorporating that into your daily learning activities. Look into groups like Awanas or Bible Quizzing that promote Bible learning at local churches.

Is it important that your kids have fun? (Really that should be a goal for all of us). Find reasons to celebrate and creative ways to incorporate it. If you have a kid that loves chocolate like one of mine, research the history of chocolate, how it is made, where the plants are grown, and teach fractions with Mr. Goodbar or Kit Kats. At the end have a chocolate fondue party and let them go nuts dipping everything into chocolate.

If you need a reason to celebrate or just to encourage character development, here are a few reasons to have a celebration in September.

September 5 National Cheese Pizza Day

September 9th National Teddy Bear Day

September 12th is National Video Games Day, National Chocolate Milkshake Day and National Day of Encouragement

September 22 is National Elephant Appreciation Day

September 26th National Pancake Day

So remember, stay focused on your why, set goals, and have fun!

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