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Testing not available through WVHEA

We have some unfortunate news regarding testing with WVHEA for the spring of 2024.  During the summer, Terra Nova made several big changes to their testing regimen; the biggest of which is that they are no longer using the Survey testing booklets that WVHEA has used for the past several years.  They are only offering ONE paper form of testing booklets for ALL grades (k-12) and unfortunately it is at a great cost.  We were advised that this particular booklet would only be available for the next 2-3 years and then it too would be unusable.  There was no way WVHEA could offer testing services using the new booklet without a significant price increase to all of our families. For those of you asking, "what about online testing", yes, Terra Nova offers online testing.  However, it is only offered up to grade 8.  In addition, we would have to gather every tester in one area and test all at one time.  They do not allow multiple testing sites, dates, etc.

     What this all boils down to is, WVHEA is unable to offer testing services at this time.  This decision did not come lightly.  All of our board members have attended several meetings regarding testing and have researched several other options for testing before coming to this decision. 
     We suggest that you find an alternative testing source or portfolio reviewer for this year.  You can find information on those alternatives on The Unsocialized Homeschoolers of West Virginia Facebook page. 

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