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Annual Assessments

The WV homeschooling law, part 18-8-1 (c)(2) requires that each home-educated child of compulsory age be assessed every year in reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies. Parents must maintain copies of each student’s academic assessment for three years. The assessment results for students in 3rd, 5th, 8th, and 11th grades must be submitted to the county by June 30.

The annual assessment can be

Alternative Academic Assessment

This is not typically recommended by WVHEA. In the event that a homeschooler chooses to use this type of assessment, the law specifies that the annual assessment requirement can be met when:

(iv) The child completes an alternative academic assessment of proficiency that is mutually agreed upon by the parent or legal guardian and the county superintendent.  Criteria for acceptable progress shall be mutually agreed upon by the same parties;

Alternative assessment possibilities include grades and evaluations from correspondence schools and/or recognized homeschool curriculum courses; an assessment from a specialized program such as the Autism Training Center, Marshall University’s HELP program, and other similar programs designed to assess performance, particularly of special needs students. In certain circumstances, an assessment by interview has been accepted. One homeschooler’s alternative assessment consisted of grades from a correspondence course for math, science, social studies, and an evaluation from his mother, who had been an English teacher. If you have an idea for an appropriate assessment for your child, run it by the county superintendent and see what you can work out.

Performance assessments, sometimes called authentic assessments are receiving increased attention. Many states, including WV, are looking for ways to incorporate such assessments into their annual assessment procedures.

WVHEA’s alternative academic assessment form may help with the paperwork involved in this process.

Guidelines for Participation in WV Public School Assessments

Portfolio Evaluator List

This list is provided as a service to homeschoolers.  It is not a complete list; other evaluators may be available in your area.  It is not an endorsement of any evaluator listed.  Please carefully interview and choose a portfolio evaluator so that you can find a good match for your family.  Make sure your evaluator understands the legal requirements for a portfolio evaluation which are contained in the current law code.  If you are a portfolio evaluator or know of someone who would like to be included on this list, please notify WVHEA by calling 1-800-736-9843 or emailing

You can also verify your evaluator’s certification here:

Assessments -Alternative

Experienced homeschoolers do not typically recommend testing with public schools. Aside from the time commitment, homeschoolers have had difficulty receiving test scores back before June 30.


As per WVDE Policy:

“Home-instructed (home-schooled) students may participate in the WV-MAP administered in the public schools of the district in which they reside. Each academic year, the home instructor must notify the district test coordinator of the intent to participate in the WV-MAP. Students may participate in the WVGSA Grades 3-8 or the SAT School Day provided that the home instructor notifies the district test coordinator of the intention to participate at least three months prior to the testing window.

Home-instructed students will be assigned: 1) a location for testing with an approved educator who has completed the required training as an examiner/scribe and signed the WVBE Examiner’s/Scribe’s Secure Materials and Test Procedures Agreement (Appendix F and Appendix N), and 2) test dates by the district test coordinator during the testing window. All educators and nonpublic school students participating in the assessments of the WV-MAP shall be required to follow all testing guidelines and procedures set forth in this policy. Violations of this policy shall result in the loss of testing privileges. No breach form will be administered to home-instructed students. No family member may be present in the testing area during the administration of the test. All test security procedures and schedules must be followed.”

Assessmnts - Public

Statewide (Electronic)

Jeniver Boyer


Monongalia and Taylor County                    

Special Needs Certified. Reviews also via skype or email.

Sandra Drexler


WV Certified Teacher  (K-12 and special needs)

Cheryl Gabbert


116 Wayne St, Glen Morgan, WV 25847

Beckley area, but will work statewide with homeschoolers.

Shari Hardwick


Cabell County. WV K-6, S

pecific Learning Disabilities Endorsement K-6,

$50 per portfolio.

She will review electronically, statewide.

Stephanie Johnson;

(304) 886-5496.

Elem Ed K-6 certified,

will work with any grade.

Located in Berkeley County and will travel to Morgan and Jefferson.

Will also work with anyone in the state of WV electronically.

Kelley Auld Jones


192 Topaz Lane       

Inwood, WV 25428.

Berkeley County. Certified in WV and MD.

Will review via mail or email.

Beth Wade


P.O. Box 4432, Parkersburg, WV 26104

Courtney Ostaff 

Certified in Special Education, birth through adult.

Unschooler friendly.

Email/postal mail/Google Drive/Photos/Videos all accepted.

Amy Miller 


Certified Teacher.

In person in Mason County and Jackson County.

Electronic reviews statewide. $20 per portfolio

Cassie Smith

(304) 435-7059

Preston County. WV

certified educator.

Willing to accept portfolios in person, through e-mail, or regular mail.

$30 for the first review and $25 for each additional review.


  • Sally Cox 304-210-4770 Wood County. WV and NC certified. 14 years’ experience. Portfolio Assessment, Educational Guidance, Teaching Services.

  • Beth Wade 304-916-9510 P.O. Box 4432, Parkersburg, WV 26104

  • Michaelene Mills 304-224-8936 3721 Woodlawn Way, Weirton, WV 26062 Interview with child, review of portfolio, detailed letter of child’s progress $50



North Central

Eastern Panhandle

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