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West Virginia Home Educators Association is a 501c3 nonprofit organization of homeschooling parents serving other homeschoolers.

Standardized testing is one of its services. You don’t have to be a WVHEA member to test with us, but the annual fee is only $15 and members get a $10-per-test discount, plus newsletters and special mailings.

Membership is open to all WV homeschoolers regardless of their reasons for homeschooling.

Governing Board

WVHEA is administered by an all volunteer board.

2023-2024 board officers are:

Roy Ramey, President

Heather Crislip-Vance, VP

Sharon Strother, Treasurer

Trish Bucher, Secretary

Other current members include:

Heidi Rice

Trish Bucher

Amy Malcomb

Jeanette O'Roke

Melissa Trimble

Advisory Members include:

Kathie Hess Crouse

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