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West Virginia Home Educators Association

P.O. Box 4241

Clarksburg, WV 26302

Phone 1-800-736-WVHE (9843)



Regional Outreach and Development Fund

(ROAD Grants)


The Regional Outreach and Development Fund was created to help support local homeschooling groups and to foster good public relations in local communities. WVHEA members are invited to apply for financial assistance to help cover expenses related to hosting a guest speaker, planning an educational activity, putting together a showcase event or other homeschool-related project. Board members want to encourage “grassroots” efforts to provide the very best educational experiences imaginable for homeschooling families while remaining consistent with WVHEA ideals and principles.  The guidelines are summarized below:


  • Awards will be made at the discretion of the WVHEA Board of Directors and will be limited to a maximum of $500 per request.

  • Applications must be submitted on the form provided by individuals who are currently members of WVHEA.  

  • Events must be open to all homeschoolers regardless of their reasons for homeschooling.  

  • The event or activity must be consistent with WVHEA purposes as stated in the Constitution and By-laws, Article III which are:  

1.       To promote the development of high quality home education.

2.       To aid in the creation of local support groups for home educators throughout the state.

3.       To review and disseminate information considered vital to home educators.

4.       To plan and conduct educational programs and exchanges for parents and others involved in home education.

5.       To engage in non-partisan research and analysis of issues affecting home education.

6.       To educate the general public on homeschooling issues and accomplishments.

7.       To monitor the government with respect to home education issues.

8.       To serve as a resource for persons desiring to home educate.  

  • Requests will be reviewed on a quarterly basis (or until allocated funds are distributed) in March, June, September, and December. Applications are due on the first of the month prior to the review (i.e., applications received by August 1 will be reviewed in September).  

  • Applications for events that have already taken place or are currently underway will not be considered.  

  • Events must be announced to WVHEA members preferably via the newsletter.  Grantee must send publicity information to the newsletter editor before money will be distributed.  

  • WVHEA members will be offered a discount if there is a fee charged for participation.  Proof of membership will be required which can be demonstrated by showing a mailing label from the WVHEA Report or a membership card (available upon request).  

  • A post event summary and photo (if appropriate) must be submitted to the newsletter editor within thirty days after the event.  Noncompliance renders the grantee and/or group ineligible for consideration of future grants.  

  • The application will be forwarded to the WVHEA ROAD Grant contact who will acknowledge receipt of the application, obtain necessary clarifying information and inform the applicant when a decision will be made.  

  • In the event that questions or concerns prevent voting within the allotted time, the contact will collect and organize all the questions and request that the applicant submit additional information.  

  • The WVHEA secretary or the contact will notify the applicant of the decision within one week of the vote.  

  • A WVHEA board member is ineligible to vote or take part in the discussion on a grant proposal he or she has submitted.  

Completed applications can be mailed to:



          P.O. Box 4241

          Clarksburg, WV 26302


If you’re not sure whether your idea for an event or an expense can be funded, just ask -- call 800-736-9843 or email newinfo@wvhea.org.




Rev. 12/07