Homeschooling in WV

Instructions for Submitting You Notice of Intent
-Hand-deliver or mail NOI to your county Board of Education, Superintendent.
-If you mail your NOI, send it certified, with return receipt.
-If you hand-deliver your NOI, take an extra copy for yourself and have it stamped “Received” and dated.
-You have the right to request use of available county textbooks and other teaching resources in your NOI. We suggest sending a letter requesting resources before August 1 in subsequent years.
-If the Board of Education has already received a copy of you diploma/GED, you may simply state that it is on file.
-If you are removing your child from school, you must provide a Notice of Intent on or before the day you begin home instruction.
-You may or may not receive an acknowledgment letter from your county Board of Education.  It is not required that they send one, nor do you need to receive any acknowledgement or approval from the Board of Education in order to begin homeschooling.
Required Subjects
-Language Arts
-Social Studies
Language Arts may refer to grammar, spelling, handwriting, and creative writing.
Reading may refer to literature and reading comprehension.