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Winter 2005


Cabell County In September, Cabell County homeschoolers who wanted to use school textbooks ran into some difficulties. Some were told that the books would not be available until two weeks after the school year began; others were simply not able to obtain the books they needed.

Nancy Imhoff spoke with county personnel and explained the state superintendent’s interpretation on this issue and that it has the force of law. Other homeschooling parents called the WVDE for help.

It appears that the misunderstanding was because some county board of education personnel are new and unfamiliar with the law. County Superintendent Roach asked his secretary to make a list of the books which families have requested and which the depository doesn't have in stock. Also, all schools in the county were notified to return any textbooks which they have not already placed in children's hands. The county will probably have to order more books to meet the needs of the homeschoolers. 

Nancy followed up a week later with another call to Clare Eastham, a secretary at the county board of education. “She said that all is well,” wrote Nancy. “Any books that the county book depository does not have, they have ordered, including Kindergarten workbooks.”