Making the Transition to College


Many homeschool teens begin earning college credits before they formally enter a college. Below are some links to the out reach programs of various colleges and universities, in WV and out of state.

COMPASS test to determine college readiness

High school students, give yourself some credit! Earn a semester’s worth of university credit at no cost during your junior and senior year of high school with Mountain State University’s High School Scholarship Program. Students must meet all prerequisites for the courses they enroll in; some courses may require a placement exam. High School Scholarship students are not eligible to enroll in independent study courses or those taught through the University’s health sciences programs. Visit for more information.

Garrett College Offers Online College Courses to Homeschool High School Students The General Studies program at Garrett College in McHenry, Maryland, is now completely online. As with the traditional General Studies program, the online version allows students 16 and older to complete general education requirements and explore various disciplines, which may assist the student in determining a program major in preparation for transfer to a four-year college or university. Tuition cost is only $39 per credit hour. For details, visit call 301.387.3155

Scholarship fund now available for homeschoolers at Goddard College The Undergraduate Program for Homeschoolers at Goddard offers young people, ages 14-19, who have learned independently outside of schools, an opportunity to begin earning college credit while continuing to learn in a self-directed style. Students design their own courses in collaboration with a faculty advisor, and may choose one or two 3-credit courses per semester. Students entering the program may now apply for scholarships to help offset the cost of tuition. There are a limited number of scholarships and they will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. To learn more, visit or email Ron Miller with your questions.