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A High School Program Based On Typical College Admission Requirements

Creating a Transcript – One Approach  

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HOBY (Hugh O'Brian leadership for sophomores)

Homeschooling During the High School Years – One Family’s Approach  I am one of the many parents who have, one way or another, managed to homeschool with my kids until they finished high school. I am here to tell you that the kids do fine, and sometimes the parents survive, too. One of the hardest things about homeschooling through high school is that the kids are teenagers. If you have teenagers already, you know what I mean. If not, just wait.  Click here to read the article.

Documenting a Teen’s Non-Standard Studies West Virginia's public school children need certain courses in order to graduate. As home educators, we are not bound by those regulations, though you may want to know what they are for reference. It's pretty standard: 4 credits in English, 3 in Math, 3 History, 3 Science, 2 PE, 1 Art or Music,... that sort of thing; they pretty much reflect the typical official college recommendations. Click here to read the article.  

How to set up an apprenticeship for your child

Walkabout — An Alternative Educational Model For the Teen Years    The Walkabout is designed by the child, within a guiding structure. Very briefly, a Walkabout comprises approximately five projects that are completed by the child. Each multi-year project is demanding and requires substantial growth of the child toward adulthood. During the Walkabout, the child is guided by a committee of adults chosen by the child (and which excludes the parents). Click here to read the article.

High school credit for work completed as a homeschooler: A brief history and discussion

Evaluating High School Diploma Options — Distance Learning

Making the transition to college studies

A resolution to the GED-PROMISE scholarship glitch

West Liberty University's Advanced Academy of West Virginia  An early entrance to college program designed for students exhibiting a high degree of achievement and potential who are interested in accelerating their academic careers. Students enrolled in this dual-enrollment program are considered full-time college students and all classes are taught at West Liberty University's main campus. The general education courses will not only count toward their college academic credits, but these classes will simultaneously fulfill their high school curriculum requirements. Executive Director Ron Witt says, "The AAWV completes its first full year of operation in May of 2013. The first cohort consists of six students. Of these students, 3 are registered in Ohio County Public Schools, 1 is registered in Marshall County Public Schools, and 2 are registered homeschool students." Contact: Ron Witt, wittron@westliberty.edu  O: 304.336.8844; F: 304.336.8276; C: 304.780.7317