A High School Program Based On Typical College Admission Requirements


Colleges typically expect the following credits or units of high school work.  A unit means a yearlong high school level course or one semester of a college level course.  College typically covers the work at a faster pace than high school, and there are fewer assemblies and snow days.

·        English                    4

·        Math                      3  (4 is better)

·        US History             2

·        Science                  2  (3 is better)

·        Foreign Language   2 in one language (3 is better)

·        Other academic work to total 16 credits

Other credits or units can include more of the above subjects, social sciences, an additional language, and any academic subjects studied. 

There are other things to keep track of for transcripts, scholarship applications, and college essays.  This could include drivers education, music, art, physical education and sports, community service, computer skills, part time jobs, apprenticeships, etc.

One can look at diverse college catalogs to see what is specifically required at different schools. Keep your child’s options open by making sure s/he takes subjects necessary for the particular field or college the child is interested in. 

Studying for the SAT and ACT tests is also a good idea.  Kaplan and others publish good study guides for these tests.  High schools offer classes in preparing for these tests.   


                                                                                                -- Daya Solomon